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Ben Drunken Peasants By Brett Keane

I don't know much about him. He treated me nice off air but I knew he was trying to make a good show for DP so I expected pop shots. So I fired back with Rey Mysterio due to his mask. He seemed pretty chill to me. Didn't get real personal like the other guys. He was doing his job and running the background tech. I believe I insulted that at one point in time till I tried doing a podcast myself. Then realized he was clearly the backbone of the show. Without him the show would not exist.

I know he tried to be a musician but it didn't pan out. I've known many musicians who are very talented but simply didn't know the right people or lacked the funds to go places. I assume he was the guy who came up with DP. He seems like he's knows a bit about advertising.

He talked about whooping my ass awhile back because I said I wanted a 30 man royal rumble. My health issues were taking a toll on me so I figured I could fight for money to help my family and hopefully die in the process. I didn't want to die in a lonely hospital. I preferred dying in a fight like a warrior.

So this inspired Ben to want a match with me. So I said TJ first or Paul. I knew it would be recorded and it would look bad if the manatee as they call me whooped their asses lol. They could never live that down. Plus of course money was talked about. I never actually wanted to hurt anyone...just wanted to get bills paid and my son a car.

I've been watching Ben on Podcast by himself and find his topics more interesting. He has put a lot of thought into his dialogue. I thought it would be interesting a one on one but I know this can't happen.

He is in business with DP. Not good money or practice to be friendly with a character who is hated. Ruins the illusion for fans. He has to do what he must to survive and be entertaining. Why blow it on a burned out youtuber.

Talked to him some more today. It turns out he is a scum bag. Done with DP.

Ben makes Threats about my sister. This is called Blackmail and Extortion

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