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Aug 24th Brett Keane will Appear on Drunken Peasants

I already predict what they will want to talk about. They've clearly been stalking my facebook or one of their little teenage fan sociopath's most likely followed me. DP children like interacting with me because in their delusional mind they think it makes them a part of the show or perhaps rewarded by fucking with me.

In the past they've begged me to get them on the show. They imagine that I'm a part of the DP fake act bullshit. They pretend to be my buddy or outright threaten me to get on DP. If they were adults I would most likely irritate them on purpose but since 90 percent in my experience are just stupid kids I just block them. TJ made it clear to me he doesn't want to look at his fans unless they pay him. Can't blame him. They suck this TJ and I agree on.

So what do I predict will be said on the show.

1. They will want to discuss my family problems. Personal shit. I have a very small family and like most families we disagree on shit. Usually after we take a time out we get back to being family again. Either way it's a dull topic I most likely won't be interested in chatting about. Why not talk you might ask? Because DP wants to make money not help me in my painful moments in life. In fact I suspect they would throw a party if I committed suicide. Don't think for a moment I feel targeted because I'm special. They treat everyone like shit including each other and the fans. It's business.

2. They will insult my writing. I'm not a professional and never claimed to be. Gramma Nazi's from admitted drop outs from high school that have their own website with countless grammar and fuck ups. I could give a shit less. I don't hold them or their comments board to any standards so why they go after me is just stupid and lame hypocrisy. They will most likely call me a plagiarist for copying and pasting some news articles into my post. I explain already in vivid detail in a post before this one what I can and can't do lawfully. Go read it for more shit. Click Here

3. Get called names. Be told I'm a worthless human or less. But worth paying thousands of dollars for my special appearance.

4. Since my sister was angry and accused me of beating my mother. I'm sure that will get brought up. I've already concluded no one cares about the truth on that show or it's audience so I will just ignore them when they bring it up.

5. TJ claims he wants me to defend youtube video's of my own. I don't give a rats ass about any of my video's whether Atheism or Christian. I consider it wasting time in my life just for simply passing the time. I believe what I believe and there's nothing more to offer.

6. I don't know if the show will be interesting because to me it's like going into a out house that stinks like age old shit. You know it will suck. You know you will be surrounded by turds but you sit and put up with it because you're paid 1000 dollars.

7. But Brett Keane...Don't you want to convert souls? I never gave a shit about conversions. That is God's job. I made video's simply to open people's minds. That is all.
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