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Atheist Male Homsexuals VS Atheist Women By Brett Keane

Did you know most serial Killers tend to be Homsexual and admitted Nonbelievers?

Atheist women tend to be intelligent and kind people. Even when they're pissed they never seem to hit below the belt. When I was a nonbeliever I spoke to many Atheist females and they always showed respect to me. I've only had problems with 3 Atheist women in my entire phase of Atheism before becoming a Theist.

2 Women who had been drug addicts. Both envious of my wife. They made it clear they had interest in me. Although I was Atheist and had no moral obligation or in my views sacred vows. Convinced that sex was natural. I seen myself as happy with my wife and showed no interest back. These two women decided to insult my wife and I repeatedly. Hell has no fury like that of a woman scorned. But I didn't blame Atheism for these two rabid women.

The 3rd was a hacker. She liked going into chat rooms and freezing people's pc for fun and attention. She ruined live broadcast for believers and Atheists. She was a lonely bitch who caused destruction for the short burst of attention. Besides these 3 women. Atheists females tend to adapt to their environment and seem more stable loving people.

Just look on social media to witness the abuse male Atheists do on Atheist females. It's astounding how gruesome they can be to these unfortunate women and girls. Stalking, Harassment, Sexual Harassment daily. It never ends and has been this way since Atheism came back out of the closet.

Most Atheist men I've met admit almost right away to being Bi or hardcore homosexuals. Transgender. Almost every male Atheist who has started drama with me has been admittedly gay. HappyCabbie had sexual fantasies about his room mate Nick Bravo. TJ when he couldn't get sex used a banana on himself. Coughlan616 admitted to being gay. I could make out a huge list. Let's look at the behavior shall we.

It is clear to me gays in society have made it their life mission to attack religious people. Their hatred for God stems from homosexuallity being a sin and mostly unaccepted by the church. Atheist gays expect people to respect their sexual desires over God's rules. Many of them known to perform lewd sex acts in public and parades. Most normal people realize it's not respectful to publically maul one another for the whole world to see.

Did you know Atheists have the highest suicide rate, gays and transgenders 2nd and 3rd.

My theory is from personal experience that most non-believers attack God do to authority issues and raging guilt. They hate themselves and will blame everyone else for their problems. You will also notice a majority of Atheist males are sloppy, unkempt, ill mannered. Atheists also have the highest substance abuse problem. 10 bucks says it doesn't help with depression and feeling meaningless. Then suicide.

Notice the Atheist males always make emotional arguments about God. Nothing based on science. Cry baby shit. Why does God do this or that nonsense actually believing this will somehow prove God doesn't exist. A study was shown that nonbelievers tend to have Daddy issues. They project their anger they have of Daddy onto God.

NOTE: I've noticed many of these gay Atheists males usually target children and teens. Some Atheists males who are popular in social media admit sexual attraction to children.

Transgenders are no different then the man who claims he's the reincarnation of Nixon. People who are mentally ill who delude themselves into believing they're a King, Messiah, or a 6 year old girl who wants to be adopted and play with toys all day. Of course if you disagree they will cry or become violent. That is the nature of insanity. Homosexually and transgenderism is a mental defect. Just as being born with a dick and a vagina is called a deformity. I'm not saying be mean to these people. In fact be compassionate. Let them know God loves them but you won't feed into their sexual perversions and delusions.

According to medical studies male homsexuality has caused a massive amount of injuries. On this fact alone people should see moral issues with this whether they believe in the bible or not.

I'll write more soon.

Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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