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Anita Sarkeesian Stalked, Threatened, and Bullied? Post By Brett Keane

Brett Keane Audio File
Anita Sarkeesian is an Atheist Female Feminist. Her desire is to be popular and heard. She talks about games, movies, and men. How men treat women like shit in society. She admits most of these men are Atheists in social media. YouTube for example. I have followed her on twitter for years and notice the threats she received. I even reported video's threatening her and posted abusers directly to the FBI and police on Twitter. So what has she done that deserves all this Hell in her life?

I've spoken to many self proclaimed detractors. Some are envious of her success. Others are fat nerdy teens raised improperly who think being a critic of violence in video games equals be violent to real life women. Pimple face teens who scream rape in games like world of warcraft.

She has several single male adults on youtube who attack her daily because they think she misrepresents men. Then they will make video's calling her a whore, slut, pig, and make memes of her in various sexual positions. She claims men are violent. So the men on youtube threaten her more actually believing they owned her or defeated her arguments after making her point for her. Let's take a look at 2 of the biggest losers who use their fan base to slam her. Both Atheists and both failures in humanity and relationships below.
Thunderf00t failed scientist and obsessive bitching about females. Lies about other Atheists. 

Thomas Kirk Scammer, Has No Dick, Repulsive, makes fun of rape victims Proof Click Here.

Can we all see the pattern? Failed men who are followed by other failed men. Anita cares about the world and women. She is not perfect but she is trying. But whether she is in it this for herself or others. This attractive intelligent woman does not deserve the abuse.

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