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Alien Experience By Anthony Sayers

Alien Experience By Anthony Sayers
Within 6 Months before my Mom passed away Strange Things started taking place in the House where me and my Mom once lived.
We lived in a 3 Bedroom 2 Car Garage House in Redmond, Oregon with a Huge Open Field in the Backyard. The People that owned that Open Field had Horses and Cows that passed by our Backyard from Time to Time, I use to give the Horses Carrots from over the Fense. The Field was the size or bigger than a Football Field.
In the Months before my Moms passing I often heard Humming Sounds going over the Houses around 2-4 am in the Morning and there was a Couple of Times that I woke up to Footsteps of what sounded like a little Girl giggling and running out of my Bedroom, of course when I went to check the Living Room there was nothing, only happened about twice, same with that Humming Sound over the Houses.
Alien Experience By Anthony Sayers
One Nite I was watching YouTube and I came across a Video about someone that was using a Flashlight and pointing it up in the Sky at Nite to attract the attention of any nearby UFO's that might be going by in the area at Nite, so just out of curiousity I took my Smart Phone which happened to have a Strong Flashlight App and went outside just to see what would happen.
It was around 1-5 am in the Morning and I remember looking to both sides of my Neighbors Houses, to the right and left of me as I didn't want to make it obvious as to what I was trying to do. Luckily both of my Neighbors were asleep and both had their Backyard Lights off. So I pointed the Light to the Dark Sky and moved it in a Figure 8 Motion and side to side really rapidly, I was trying to mimic the motion as if the Phone was being held by a Machine going right left right left really fast and that's when I heard a Rustle of Branches to my left.
Alien Experience By Anthony Sayers
Out from behind my Neighbors Backyard Patio Fence popped up a Long Head, it shot up so fast that it didn't appear Human. What I saw that Nite is what I uploaded in the Pictures. It just stood there looking at me and I just stood there frozen looking back at it. I wanted to take its Picture, but I figured by the Time I pressed the Camera App on my Phone it would go away and sure enough, after about a Minute or so it popped it's long Head down from behind the Neighbors Fence and I heard the rustling of the Branches as it went it's way.
Alien Experience By Anthony Sayers
It was the First Time I've seen anything like that and I haven't seen it since.
While I looked at it I could sense that it came down out of curiousity as well. It most likely got distracted by my Light and wanted to know what I was doing and what that was all about.
I know some here may not believe that there is such things in the World, but we live in a Supernatural World and God knows about them all. I believe some are Demonic, while others are Natural Creatures (either created in the Lab or Naturally Born) but God is aware of them all. I now know their Names, they refer to these types as Hinons, at first I just thought they were just another version of the Zeta Grays.
I decided to share this just in Case anyone else here ever had a similar experiance, you are not alone.
P.S. All my Life I have never taken Drugs, I never Smoked Cigs or Weed and I don't Drink, the worse that ever comes into my Mouth is Soda and Junk Food, but I don't have those things on a Daily Basis.


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